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Título: The effects of stiffener imposed warping constraints on the aeroelastic behaviour of reinforced composite panels
Autor: Diego Daroz Ayusso
Programa: Engenharia Aeronáutica e Mecânica
Área de Concentração: Engenharia Aeronáutica
Orientador : Maurício Vicente Donadon
Coorientador : Saullo Giovani Pereira Castro
Ano de Publicação : 2016
Curso : Mestrado Profissional
Assuntos : Estruturas de aeronaves
t Placas (membros estruturais)
t Análise de estabilidade
t Vibração aeroelástica
t Método de Rayleigh-Ritz
t Engenharia de materiais
t Engenharia aeronáutica
Resumo : This work aims at studying the effects of the stiffener warping constraints on the aeroelastic stability of stiffened composite panels under supersonic flow. For this purpose, an analytical model based on the Hamilton principle combined with the Rayleigh-Ritz method is proposed. The aerodynamic model incorporated into the formulation is based on the Linear Aerodynamic Piston Theory, known in the open literature as Ackeret's model. The primary warping effects considered in the formulation are based on the Wagner bending-torsion theory. A parametric study using panels with different configurations and stiffener geometries commonly employed in the aeronautical industry is also carried out in order to show the influence of the warping effects on the flutter velocity of the panels. The numerical results indicate that the flutter velocity is significantly affected by the primary warping effects for some panel configurations.
Data de Defesa : 21/03/2016
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