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Título: A two-step approach for structural optimization of blended composite wing-box
Autor: Vinícius Leite Lemos
Programa: Engenharia Aeronáutica e Mecânica
Área de Concentração: Engenharia Aeronáutica
Orientador : José Antônio Hernandes
Coorientador : Saullo Giovani Pereira Castro
Ano de Publicação : 2013
Curso : Mestrado Profissional
Assuntos : Asas
t Otimização
t Estruturas de aeronaves
t Recozimento simulado (Matemática)
t Engenharia aeronáutica
Resumo : The presented study presents an optimization methodology for the preliminary design of composite wing-box structures with the aim of finding an optimal structure subjected to constraints of buckling, material failure, crippling and manufacturing. Among the manufacturing constraints it is important to blend the laminates of different zones. Here it is presented an algorithm that deals with a relaxed blending definition, which gives more freedom to the design and more weight saving opportunities. This algorithm is based on a simulated annealing algorithm that solves the Travel Salesman problem. By defining the shuffling of the plies as a permutation problem it was possible to find a suitable algorithm that optimizes the stacking sequence of the laminates. Three problems are optimized using the proposed methodology: a simple rectangular wing-box, a more complex preliminary wing-box and the same wing-box with stringers attached to the skins. Despite of some difficult when dealing with several stringer variables it was possible to find good results and significant weight is saved with the proposed methodology.
Data de Defesa : 02/12/2013
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